Jobs in the cleaning industry in Helsinki and Tampere

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Are you a qualified clöeaner looking for work in the Helsinki and Tampere regions? IC Siivous is searching for new employees to take care of cleaning business premises, housing association properties, and industrial spaces.


Our company's cleaners are responsible for both basic and maintenance cleaning as well as final cleaning and post-renovation cleaning. Our cleaning experts also offer drafting, development, and updating of cleaning plans.


Get in touch and apply for a job! We value work experience and training in the sector. A meticulous attitude and a strong work ethic are always a benefit.

Employer's Promise


We offer a competitive wage in accordance with the property maintenance sector's collective labour agreement. Wages are influenced by location, level of education, sector, and work experience.


We offer good, skilled employees 2054€ per month, or 12.76€ per hour in accordance with PR 5.


In addition to wages, we have also paid our workers a bonus of 800€ during 2021 and we intend to continue this practice in the future.


You also have promotion opportunities to become either director or foreman.

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