Office cleaning in Helsinki and Tampere

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An office cleaning is a maintenance clean intended to keep the location's general appearence, cleanliness, and enjoyability at its peak. Office cleaning consists of corridors, staircases, break rooms, office spaces, and toilets according to requirements. Our experienced professionals in and around Helsinki and Tampere are at your service.

Examples of the scope of cleaning

A clean office - synergy at work

An office cleaning covers all possible requirements of the space. We first take a look at the location and suggest hwo frequently a space should be cleaned. Most often, an office cleaning means sweeping and mopping the floors, hoovering rugs and carpets, wiping tables, emptying bins, stocking up the toilets with soap and hand-towels etc. Door handles, light switches, mirrors, railings, and other much-touched surfaces are regularly cleaned. The general appearance of a space is also of utmost importance: our cleaners organise chairs, rake leaves, straighten rugs, etc, meaning your premises are ready for employees and clients. Cleaning of common spaces gives your business premises a cared-for look.

Sign an effortless service agreement with us, or employ our skills on a one-off basis!

We would love to tell you more about how we can help you. We would be glad to investigate your premises and tell you agreement we can come to in order to give you the best possible clean. Our clientele mainly consists of long-term business clients, but we are also available for pay-as-you-go services. We can assist both new businesses as well as customers who want to compare their current cleaning contracts with the rest of the market.

An office clean covers the following areas:

  • Entranceways
  • Corridors, lobbies, and foyers
  • Staircases
  • Lifts
  • Breakrooms
  • Toilets
  • Office rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Kitchens, canteens, and cafeterias


We put a lot of emphasis on our workers' professional skills, resulting in a smooth, professional clean to suit your business

Each and every one of our employees receives a thorough introduction to our business as well as the premises they will be cleaning. The same cleaner will usually carry out cleanign work in your premises, meaning s/he will be very familiar with your practices and the location. Flexibility, industriousness, and expertise are always at their peak. We train our employees at regular intervals and continually ensure the quality of cleaning in order to guarantee the best possibile service.


Guarantee a pleasant working environment

A clean and fresh working environment facilitates productiveness. Clean air indoors is the result of many different factors, and separate mopping and hoovering can reduce impurities in the air. We use cleaning materials which are as safe and environmentally-friendly as can be.  


Request a quote - we provide inexpensive office cleaning services in and around Helsinki and Tampere.

IC Siivous offers many different kinds of office cleaning in the Helsink and Tampere regions. Give us a call or send us a message, and we will be more than happy to tell you what services we can offer you for your budget. In addition to business premises, we can also clean public spaces such as schools and health centres. Get in touch and find out more!