Professional deep cleaning in and around Helsinki and Tampere

Whereas maintenance cleaning is for general upkeep of standards, a deep cleaning creates a solid foundation to build on. A deep cleaning is to be carried out once or twice a year to bolster the levels of cleanliness. Moreover, it lengthens the usability of structures and surfaces, allowing housing associations to avoid expensive renovations for a long time. During a deep cleaning, we will blitz entryways, foyers, lifts, and staircases, as well as laundry rooms and saunas if relevant. We carry out deep cleanings in and around Helsinki and Tampere.

Examples of the scope of cleaning

Deep cleaning by professionals

The aim of a deep cleaning is to achieve the requisite levels of cleanliness for a location, removing dust and grime. A deep cleaning goes through all the surfaces in a space from floor to light fixtures and air vents.


Properly carried-out maintenance cleanings reduces the work needed in a deep cleaning. Our expertise is complemented by modern cleaning equipment and materials. Careful cleaning of shared spaces gives users the right impression. Basic cleanings can be carried out in foyers, staircases, offices - almost all spaces on your premises. Our deep cleanings are always planned so that they cause as little interruption to users of the space as possible, and we use signs near our work spaces to inform people of our presence.

Wax on, wax off - The heart of deep cleaning

Floors are high-traffic areas regardless of the space, and they therefore require especial attention now and then in the form of a deep cleaning to supplement a maintenance clean. While a floor is swept, hoovered, and mopped, or treated with combination machines during a maintenance clean, a deep clean gets them thoroughly clean. A floor will be treated with requisite protective substances, usually meaning a floor-waxing. Our professionals' deft hands will carry out this work using the correct cleaning machines, equipment and materials.


Staircases in residential buildings

We are often employed to carry out deep cleaning of staircases in residential buildings. In addition to maintenance cleans, staircases demand more effective cleaning and protection, making a deep cleaning a perfect solution.


Post-renovation clean-up

After building work or a renovation, it is time for a deep clean. A final clean encompasses cleaning of surfaces as well as a similar level of cleaning as in a deep clean. Take a look at our final cleaning services here.


When should a deep clean be carried out?

Regular deep cleaning is the order of the day, preferably once or twice annually depending on the usage and hygience levels of the location, etc. Deep cleaning is usually carried out during holidays or other quiet times, for example schools and businesses undergo a deep clean during summer holidays as well as Christmas holidays if needed. However, deep cleans can be carried out at any time, with our aim being for it to be carried out as smoothly and unintrusively as can be.


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