Deep cleaning

palvelu-2 Deep cleaning

An example of the deep cleaning services we provide! Deep cleaning is important because with maintenance cleaning it is impossible to maintain good quality forever, while deep cleaning is intended to be performed once or twice a year to increase the level of cleaning, which also prolongs the service life of structures and surfaces. In these cases, housing associations avoid expensive repairs for a long time!

Wind cabinets, entrance halls, elevators, and stairwells

1-2 x year

  • The floors are machine washed, dirt and old wax are removed
  • Sills and baseboards are washed, steps and kick surfaces are washed
  • Spills from the edges of the steps, the lower parts of the steps and the kicking surfaces, splashes from the wall surfaces and the handrails are removed immediately during the deep cleaning
  • The floors are waxed, allowed to dry, and waxed a second time (the ceramic tiles in the entrance halls are protected with stone protection)
  • The bases and carpet trays of the windscreen grill mats are washed
  • Windscreen grille carpets are cleaned (vacuuming and wet cleaning)
  • Windshield sills and baseboards are basically washed
  • Elevator floors, baseboards, and sill mouldings are deep washed, and the floors are waxed if the material is wax able

Laundry and drying rooms

1-2 x year

  • corridor doors, interior doors and frames are washed on both sides
  • the walls of the corridor are washed
  • the floors are washed in the hallway
  • the floor joints of the drying room are washed, and the walls are washed
  • washbasin tiles, floors and walls are washed
  • the gutter is cleaned


1-2 x year

  • Contact surfaces and benches are washed
  • Walls and glass surfaces are washed throughout
  • Shower, faucets and other roster surfaces and furniture are deep cleaned
  • Surfaces, mirrors, furniture, and table are wiped
  • Porcelain surfaces are disinfected and rinsed
  • The carpets are washed
  • The floor is washed with a slow-speed floor treatment machine
  • Floor drains are cleaned
palvelu-1 Deep cleaning