Our Services

Our cleaners are trained, professionals in their field with extensive work experience. The quality of the work is constantly monitored through regular site inspections.
The service guarantee is part of all our services. The work will always be carried out in accordance with the contract and on the agreed schedule, any framework will be rectified within the same day, no later than within 24 hours.

palvelu-2 Our Services

Cleaning services we offer:

Maintenance cleaning

Maintenance cleaning includes cleaning of stairwells, warehouses, basements and corridors, saunas, vandalism, and other cleaning according to customer needs and as agreed.

Office cleaning

Office cleaning includes corridors, coffee-, office-, changing- rooms and other social facilities, as well as other cleaning according to customer needs and as agreed.

Apartment cleaning

For apartment cleaning, we use substances that are allergenically and eco-labelled, and the equipment includes static-loading cloths, microfiber cleaning products, unscented detergents, cleaners and polishes, and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter. The microfiber binds the dust effectively, and not just spreads it from place to place.

Cleaning of industrial premises

On request and customer needs we provide cleaning in wood workshop premises, metal halls or other industrial premises.

Deep cleaning
(Special request cleaning)

Seasonal cleaning on request, for example, removal and replacement of old waxes, intensive washing to increase the level of cleaning and the overall appearance of the premises.

Window washing

Washing windowpanes, if necessary, with additional equipment such as a crane or climbing equipment. Cleaning of blinds and balcony windows on request.

Cleaning program update

Review and, if necessary, update the current program. Our Experts with at least 15 years of experience will update your cleaning program or create a completely new one.

palvelu-1 Our Services

Contact us if you have not found the right cleaning solution for you.